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Rose Heart Cannon

Luxe Blue Woven

Classic G Cannon

Classic Cannon

"Creative Genius"


- Broadly by Vice

"World's Best Joint Rollers"


- High Times Magazine

"Has an amazing mind and is one hell of a joint roller"


Cones & Cannons



“Dabbing Granny gave me one of your Luxe Rolls $100 dollar bill cones at Kushstock because I won a giveaway but I want you to know that cone was the best cone I’ve ever smoked.” - J.D.


"Everyone is loving these me included. I think I smoked like 20 cones!" -NLG

“It was so good! My boyfriend says it’s his fave!” - M.T.


“Burned awesome thank you!! I'm so glad I got this I really enjoyed it!!!” - B.B.