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frequently asked questions

Q: What are the rolls made out of?

A: Luxe Rolls are proudly made from the industries top rolling papers from companies like Raw Papers, Shine Papers, Empire Papers, Silver Bullet Papers, High Hemp Wraps, Juicy’s and more. We constantly strive to source the best materials for Luxe Rolls.


Q: Is the entire roll smoke-able?

A: Yes, with the exception of the mouthpiece and a plain paper insert found on some Luxe Rolls. Each roll is designed with a specific mouthpiece that enhances your experience. Just light the tip and insure it is started evenly to avoid runs/boating.

Q: How long does each roll last?

A: Each roll has different burn times; however on average 20-40 minutes.

Q: Is your product available in stores?

A: Yes! We are carried in brick and mortar stores, Amazon, & eBay.  More stores and online retailers coming soon!

Q: How long is the shelf life of a roll?

A: Luxe Rolls will last for well over 12 months and likely for many years after.

Q: How do you pack the rolls?

A: We suggest you grind your materials to a medium grind consistency.


Place larger pieces near the mouthpiece first. This will help insure that the mouthpiece does not clog if the material is too fine or if the roll gets packed very tightly.

Pack your material evenly while rotating the barrel and packing. Half way through try drawing through the mouthpiece to check the air flow

Q: What happens if my roll is too tightly packed or I can’t draw well from the mouthpiece?

A: This can happen especially if the airflow is not checked during packing of the roll.

To fix this, simply insert a thin skewer/toothpick into the mouthpiece and through the base of material to create a small air tunnel allowing airflow.

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