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About: The Grasshoppa


The Grasshoppa, female professional creative roller turned entrepreneur
with her luxury pre-roll company Luxe Rolls- a line of handmade luxury
packable cones. Considered an OG in the rolling space, The
Grasshoppa quickly rose to the top creating one-of-a-kind smokeable art
pieces including WallE, Baby Yoda, and a 1 pound functioning crossbow.
She is the only female from the invitation-only National Joint League.

A Raw Rolling Papers creative ambassador for over 6 years, it's no
wonderLegacy publications like Forbes, Vice, and High Times Magazine
have designated The Grasshoppa as one of the World’s Best Joint
Rollers. Her passion for the community and the art of rolling, she has
continued to create, collaborating with the top cannabis brands bringing new products and job
opportunities worldwide. Her newest endeavor, Luxe Roll Bar, is poised to cement the scene as
the premier professional rolling service for events, brand activations, and private functions.


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