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Luxe Rolls was first introduced to the public…

…at popular cannabis festivals in California. The overwhelming demand for the unique and beyond-the-ordinary creations inspired @TheGrasshoppa to make them available for everyone, everywhere. An inventor creating new rolling methods; utilizing old world and new world materials from ancient corn husk to luxury 24k gold rolling papers, Grasshoppa is able to craft a unique and unparalleled smoking experience that is ready to pack at your next occasion.

@TheGrasshoppa works of art have been featured in High Times Magazine, Forbes, and Broadly by Vice.  She is sponsored by several rolling paper companies including Raw Papers as an ambassador & creative roller and member of the invitation only @The_National_Joint_League, an elite rolling competition group that has pushed the boundaries of creative rolling to the extreme. The first female professional joint roller, Grasshoppa’s "smokeable" arts range from a functioning full size crossbow to the imaginative Wall-E masterpiece to the much sought after square & triangle innovative joints that the public have eagerly been waiting for.

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