Introducing our long anticipated Luxe Rose Heart Cannon. Made from organic Rose petals powered by Rose Royals. Completely custom from the first petal to the final label. Each Luxe Rose Cannon is hand crafted by @TheGrasshoppa. Available in Crimson Red this Spring 2022! Each variation of petal yields a different terpene profile and the Crimson red is one of our favorites adding lush dried candied fruit terpenes.  Each Luxe Rose Heart Cannon is backed with Raw rolling paper with a custom tucked mouthpiece fitted with a floating pink heart shaped crutch-art tip crafted from Blazy Susans. Pure luxury custom, romantic in nature, and commonly called the most beautiful roll ever seen. The velvety mouth-feel of the rose petals, the faint aroma of floral terpenes, a sought after smoking experience, now available for you, the connoisseur in extremely limited quantities. Holds: Approximately 3g Size: Approximately 4" Color: Crimson Red

Rose Royal petals are certified organic passing California’s strict Category 3 testing of contaminants including pesticides & mold. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Please allow 3-5 days for delivery within the U.S.International orders may take longer to ship depending on location. FREE SHIP OVER $25 with code "FREE25"  * Free Shipping not valid on orders outside the U.S.

Luxe Rose Heart Cannon: Crimson Red

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